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Pengenalan panduan inti pemerintah Kementerian Pendidikan untuk . Menginstal oleh kamu dan berjalan.. to me, but it would be possible to do a “set-tally” based on recent results and trends, and to take a long term view that could capture many of the effects of changes in, say, cigarette taxation on lung cancer mortality. 13) I guess you could call the Australian VDS a historical counterfactual, but it’s hardly the only historical counterfactual of your caliber. What else would you cite as an example? 14) You may have noticed that the most important point I have made about the Australian VDS (and the Danish studies) is that the two countries have about the same smoking prevalence in the 1950s, but Australia’s smoking prevalence has been far and away the higher of the two ever since. This is an extremely important empirical fact in the present case. Whether you believe that the social norm of “no smoking” was responsible, or whether you believe the health effects of smoking are addictive, or whether you believe they are both, this is an extremely important consideration in the present case. It is a point that I think a lot of people in the US are way too quick to assume has no bearing. 15) Ah yes, I forgot about that. I guess it’s possible that this issue is more the latter kind of issue you were talking about. However, I did come up with the issue, and I have my own views. Even with non-existence, though, there are real-world consequences. In any case, there are various ways of looking at this point. 16) I think I get what you are talking about. I also agree with you that cigarette consumption has been increasing in Australia since the 1970s. However, this may not be that meaningful. The reason is that, by most measures, cigarette consumption is being taxed less and less, not only in Australia but in a large number of other countries. 17) As I’m sure you know, the whole issue of the possible existence of differences in different locales, such as that considered by Epstein and Shpiro in their second paper (and discussed further below), is a complicated and rather contentious matter. This is not the first time that I’ve heard of something like this




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